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May 13, 2016

Badge Collecting

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With the promise of good weather and the chance for a day out, earlier today saw a visit to the Beaulieu Motor Museum in Hampshire. Beaulieu might be something of a misnomer, to be honest, because the estuary where the river meets West Solent is anything but “beautiful water”…

Attractions include the national collection, a smallish display of vehicles featured in film and television, a “Top Gear” exhibit and the stately home and gardens. Whilst it was an entirely pleasant day out I can’t help but come away a little bit underwhelmed. Prices were a steep £24 for a single adult ticket and, well, considering this place has been running since the late 1950s, it looks as though it has been stagnating for at least the last 15-20 years or so. There is so much happening in the realms of personal transportation today – electric vehicles, hydrogen cells, alternative fuels such as LPG, yet none of this seemed to be mentioned. Instead we had a variety of vehicles from “Top Gear” and a video of Clarkson & Crew with the man himself muttering “POWER!!!” several times.

To be fair, there are some incredible, exquisite collector’s piece vehicles here, including priceless originals such as the World-Land-Speed-Record breaking Bluebird. The garden, grounds and stately home were all neat and tidy, the staff were cheerfully helpful and faultlessly polite, but, well, the exhibits did look a little tired and dirty and in need of a bit more variety.

And: my personal pet peeve: the exhibits were crammed in so close together that framing shots of single vehicles was literally impossible. When you can’t snap an entire car without getting corners of other models invading your shot, what do you do? My answer, crude as it was, amounted to badge collecting…

March 18, 2016

Amazon Packaging; Not “Amazing Packaging”…

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So, being somewhat interested in technology, I do tend to make the odd gadget purchase from time to time. Last Sunday was not exceptional, then, when I placed an order for 5 hard drives. “Five?” you ask. “Isn’t that a lot?” Well, yes. As a matter of fact, four of these things were intended to go in one of these… It’s called a “NAS”, which is an acronym for “Network Attached Storage”. In simple terms, it’s a little box full of hard discs on which you can put all your digital “stuff”. Placing your files on this device instead of inside of one computer means that you can access your content from any computer on your network.

In my case the box I chose also supports a clever way of sharing the data so that every piece of data is stored on at least 2 discs in the box – if one disk fails you don’t lose your data… which is quite cool. Anyway, I decided that since my box was running out of disc space, I would order some larger-capacity disks. I checked around and Amazon were offering the best price. I ordered 5 [4 plus a spare] last Sunday, with Amazon promising me “next day delivery”. Five days later the delivery arrives, looking like this:-

Literally a large cardboard box containing over £1000 of hard drives with a short piece of paper to act as “padding”. Incompetent doesn’t even begin to come close to the idiocy that was this delivery. The thing is that hard drives are delicate things. The insides work in tolerances of thousandths of a millimetre – so you can just imagine how much a hard drive likes being thrown around in a box like this.

After a phone call, Amazon have promised to replace them, tomorrow, with properly packaged drives. Don’t miss tomorrow’s thrilling installment of “Postal Prats” and “Delivery Divots”…

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