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July 10, 2017

Deceptive Calm

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Early last month I had decided to venture out with a camera to see if there was anything worth capturing on a clear winter’s day on the South Coast of the UK. In the end I wound up at Mudeford Quay, near Christchurch, and discovered “the Run” – the narrow channel that connects Christchurch harbour to the English Channel – was practically motionless, with next to zero sign of moving water, and just the gentlest of swell formed where the outbound current met the waters of Christchurch Bay.

Given how turbulent this location normally is, either this was a rare event, or I was lucky enough to catch this precisely as the tide turned.

Mudeford Quay

June 13, 2017

Just So Handy…

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One of the most powerful uses of the Internet is the way it functions as an educator – it provides access to facts, references, explanations or knowledge in a way that nothing else can. 30-40 years ago, the very wealthy of society would buy the family a copy of “Encyclopedia Britannica”, a set of 30+ hard-bound volumes that contained a vast trove of knowledge. The books were published annually and cost several thousand pounds.

Today, you can get all that for the cost of an internet connection.

Except… what about the most powerful source of knowledge of all? The internet is replete with some of the most amazing video tutorials. Anything from a simple, two-minute how-to guide that someone threw together with their smartphone, after they figured out something with an appliance or device, right up to incredible, professionally made lectures from some of the greatest universities in the world. You name it, it’s out there.

But what do you do if you need/want access to this amazing library of media and you’re on the move? Or away from a wifi point? Or on a train with crappy signal reception? Or on a dive boat in the middle of an ocean? Well, the answer is, quite simply, 4K Video downloader.

For starters, it just works. And that’s a pretty good place to start. But there’s more…

You can pick your file format – it handles any resolution up to 4K…
You can grab video with audio, or just audio if you want that…
You can pick your audio format, including a selection of different audio quality types, if they are present at the source…
You can grab a single file, or a playlist…

Which means that if I want to sit on the train and study a couple of hour-long tech lessons on arcane aspects of a product, or teach myself how to use a CAD package, or learn more about somewhere in the world that other people have recorded, well,

Problem: Solved.

Regulars may have observed that quite a few of my recent posts have covered some really annoying teething problems or bad practices associated with software and software vendors. Well, it’s nice to be able to reset the balance with something positive to say, and even better to be able to say it about such a cool, handy little piece of software.

To be honest, they had me at “It just works.”


Not good enough? Want even more?

The markers are now offering, for a limited time, a fully-featured version, for free. More details here:-

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