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August 7, 2011

Thailand 2011 – Episode 7 (Wat Suwan Kuha)

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If you have the inclination to leave Phuket Island and explore a little further afield, then Phang Nga Province (the mainland area immediately joining Phuket to the north), contains some interesting places well worth a visit. Cross to the mainland and head a little way north before picking up a fork in the road that bears east, and after roughly an hour of driving, some 10km short of Phang Nga Town (pronounced “Pang Naa”) you will find a majestic arch/gateway entrance on the north side of the road, with little clue as to what lies beyond…

Take the turning, and after a couple of hundred metres you will find yourself in the grounds of Wat Suwan Kuha… This is slightly different from the temples of Phuket island by virtue of the fact that it is actually constructed within a limestone cave complex. Outside the main entrance there is an obligatory troupe of local monkeys, but within the temple itself is a calming, quiet and reflective place.

To the rear of the main cave, a set of steps lead up to a platform. Left of this steps descend into a further set of caves that are graced with spectacular stalagmites and stalagtites – and beautifully coloured and textured rock, whilst to the right the jungle canopy struggles to invade the space. Stunning.

Canon EOS 7D with Canon 16-35mm f2.8L and 24-70mm f2.8L Lenses

Thailand 2011 – Episode 6 (Orchids, Part Two)

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In continuation of my earlier post, here is a second selection of images taken during my visit to Phuket Orchd Farm, a venue that has to be an orchid-lover’s paradise, not to mention a fantastic place for anyone with a camera… It’s so easy to lose yourself for a couple of hours as you wander the rows and rows of plants. Perhaps it’s the near-endless variety of the different species; maybe it’s the heady scents from these fragrant blooms – whatever the reason, you’ll struggle to make a short visit here. As I explored, I recall starting to sense patterns in the shape and colours of the orchids on display. I rather fancied the idea that I was picking up where certain species had been cross-pollinated with neighbours, to produce an all-new and even more exotic hybrid. Almost certainly complete bunkum on my part – I am quite certain that orchid breeding is far more complicated than that… but it was quite a fun thing to do.

Oh, and I appreciate that the second image – the flowerpots – isn’t strictly an orchid – but I just liked the shapes and textures in the shot…

Canon EOS 7D with Canon 24-70mm f2.8L Lens

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