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December 9, 2007

Liquid Refreshment

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So, after quite a bit of research into different options, I finally took the plunge and asked my local PC Specialist, Rapid PCs, to build me a new “Gaming” system. The brief was simple: it had to be the best machine we could manage [within a not too tightly defined limit of sensibility]. The end result is, quite simply, stunning. It isn’t just that it is incredibly fast. It isn’t just that it’s been put together with care and attention to all the little details. It isn’t just that it’s whisper-quiet [despite having four, yes four HDDs running when in gaming configuration]. All of these things count. It’s just that when they all come together in this one machine, then the whole really does amount to so much more than the sum of the parts.

The Asus motherboard came with a modified set of performance benchmark tools. We ran a complete set and basically confirmed that as at the time of build, this system is in the top 1% of all machines tested thus far. So on the whole, not bad…

And the specification for the tekkies? CoolerMaster Stacker 832 Case, Xilence 1000W PSU, Asus Blitz Extreme DDR3 Mobo, Intel Q6850 Quad-Core, mildly over-clocked from 3.0 to 3.62GHz, 4Gb of OCZ Platinum Edition DDR3 RAM, Creative X-Fi, (Factory) Water-Cooled BFG 8800GTX nVidia-based GPU [just the one], Adaptec SCSI Card and Freecom 72Gb Tape Deck, 2 x DVD-RW/RAM Drives, Swiftech Water-Cooling system with wide-bore pipes, 2 x SATA Caddy units for removable boot drives and 2 x 500Gb water-cooled HDDs internally mounted for shared data…

Yes, I could have gone completely OTT and added a second water-cooled GPU… but I don’t really have the space for a monitor larger than my current 21.4″ LCD panel that offers 1600×1200 native, and for that resolution a single 8800GTX is more than sufficient.

With either Windows [XP] or ubuntu Linux [7.10] this absolutely flies!

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