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April 20, 2010

Maldives, February 2010

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Earlier this year I received an email from a friend that I had met in Thailand in November 2008. Briefly, the essence of the message was: “Going to the Maldives in February for a week’s diving. Interested?” Hmm… let’s think about that for a millisecond or two!

It really was a most amazing trip. I learned a tremendous amount from diving with a broader group of people, and, truth be told, from having to fend for myself and get myself out of some quite interesting scrapes… But it was an amazing experience – I can’t imagine ever forgetting what it’s like to snorkel with a whale shark for the first time…

Far too much happened to be able to give this trip justice even in a series of postings to this blog, so instead I’ve created an entirely new, self contained web site dedicated just to that trip.

You can reach it here. Enjoy!

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