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August 5, 2012

Barking Mad

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Although most of today’s shots came courtesy of the wide angle lens, our stroll was also occasionally subject to ariel attack from a small group of impressively insane parawing operators… who proceeded to spend the afternoon riding the thermals. Judging by the swoopy moves and relative daredevilry, it’s a pretty safe bet that they were having a lot of fun…

But given that they go up with only one parachute – and it’s deployed by the time they start – what’s a “margin of error” ???

Panasonic DMC-GX1 with Olympus ED Digital M.Zuiko 40-150 f4.0-5.6 Lens

Clifftop Stroll

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So, a glorious, sunny Sunday in August… not a bad time for a stroll along the coast, to see what’s going on. And, of course, further excuses to play with the new Panasonic¬† lens…

Panasonic DMC-GX1 with Panasonic-Lumix 7-14mm f4.0 UWA Lens

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