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November 23, 2012

Grr… Take 2

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Today the postman delivered a new Audio CD: “Dead & Born & Grown” by The Staves. Never mind the fact that some complete numpty had sellotaped shut a *limited edition signed copy* cardboard/paper CD sleeve [which promptly ripped, of course]… I loaded the CD into my Mac Mini optical drive, and uploaded the content into iTunes. Fine, except connecting one of my iPod Classics to the Mac for a transfer resulted in me getting an all-too-familiar error message: “The file xxx cannot be transfered to the iPod “Car” because the file is the wrong format.” Went looking, only to discover that a total of 7 tracks were mysteriously “defunct” in iTunes.

In each case I checked the track properties, discovering that iTunes had unilaterally decided to amend/edit the song location information, pointing the database entry to a completely nonsense location. I was able to tweak each of the 7 entries, and so far everything seems OK. But there is clearly a bug in iTunes, if it can magically go about editing partial file details for random songs, just because it wants to.

A once-flawless technology from a once-reliable company is falling apart before my very eyes. Anyone know of a good FLAC player? Sigh…

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