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April 28, 2013

Taz, Part Two

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Popped in to see the guys at Rapid PCs on Saturday, just to see how Taz was progressing, and the news is beyond good. Simon has fitted the replacement PSU, the motherboard, CPU, the CPU water-cooling block and the RAM. He’s also fitted both radiators (though he’s still working on anchoring the smaller twin-fan unit) and equipped the triple-fan radiator with it’s ultra-quiet fans.

Yes, we’d have to concede that the beige/brown colour scheme of the fans isn’t exactly in keeping with the rest of the case… but my primary interest here is having something that’s ultra-quiet. The case isn’t windowed, so the interior won’t be on display, and I’m more concerned with near-silent operation. The picture probably doesn’t do it justice – this is a really great build…

Maybe a week or so to go, if I’m lucky… Whoot!


April 14, 2013

Taz, Part One

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Popped in to see the guys at Rapid PCs on Saturday, who are in the process of assembling a new machine for me. We’ve adopted a fairly slow, methodical and cautious approach to this build (which makes a change for me!), primarily because I have given the guys such an incredibly exacting specification, meeting it is proving to be quite a challenge. I have to say, it’s great to see them as excited about the build as I am! The good news is that we’ve now got most of the components we need (pretty much the only pieces left to order are the tubing that will be used to make up two discrete water-cooling circuits and of course all the adapters and joints needed to put them together…  Then, of course, the real fun (assembly) starts in earnest! Oh, the title of the post, you say? Well, one of the side projects for this build is the assembly of a suitably robust shipping crate in which to carry a machine of this size and weight. Early candidates for the design are based around something made from marine plywood (!!!) and fitted with castors (and probably forklift truck slots). The machine itself is pretty tall, so the case will have two large side panels that will be crying out for some decoration. Not entirely sure what I’ll end up with, but first bid is of a huge stylized “Tasmanian Devil”, in the Disney Cartoon sense. We shall see what I can find!

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